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Most people enjoying watching horse racing. People would always love to see the horses in their great condition of health but this is not always the situation. One major and common problem associated with young horses especially those who work hard is known as bucked shins.

The periosteum is a membrane which which connects muscles to bone by a fibrous connective tissue. In bucked shins, the periosteum is torn away. In developing horses, the front surface of the cannon bone is more softer making it easy for the connective tissue to break away under high pressure.

Mostly, these young horses will be reluctant to continue with training.
Heat, redness and swelling along the horses front shin may indicate a bucked shin.
Radiographs is the best to indicate the extent of the damage and best treatment.

During these periods, the horse needs total rest so that natural healing process can take place.
The rest is followed by a gradual increase in exercise for healing to take place smoothly.
Anti-Inflammatory drugs are helpful to control the pain and help the healing process.
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Prevention is always better than cure.
Good nutrition is very key in helping horses develop good bone density.
Gradual exercises and not over stressing their bones will go a long way to prevent bucked shins.
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