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Get Out and Come see this Westlake Village Live Music Bar

After a long week of working, dealing with the kid’s schedules, keeping your house clean, and catching up with friends, you want a night out. You want to let loose and you want to have some fun. The best way to do that, is to hit up Bogie’s Bar where they are one of the best Westlake Village live music bars. It gives you a chance to relax and have some fun because the music is playing the drinks and going down and you’re having fun. They have different live music bands as well which means you could catch a different act the next time you come in.


For a great night out check out Bogie’s Bar a bar in Westlake Village. You can always check out their calendar to see what days that week they will have some live music. They love to have their guest entertained and even have themed nights. It is a time you will definitely want to be a part of. You will be happy you came out and gave this place a chance. And who knows you might be coming back every single week in order to get a new taste of some live music and dancing.

Wedding Venue in Westlake Village


When you just get engaged it is a very exciting but also slightly stressful time in your life. You have a whole wedding to plan! One of the best things you can do to help ease the stress is to find your wedding venue. Once you secure your date and wedding venue everything else seems to fall in place. You can always look into the Westlake Village resort, Westlake Village Inn. They have some amazing wedding venues on their property. If you are looking for an indoor or and outdoor wedding, they have just the location for you. If you are looking for a water front ceremony they have a few options.


They even have options for your reception. You can get it all done in one place. Your ceremony, your reception, and even the food, they cater! This Westlake Village wedding venue has it all. If you are looking to have a magical wedding day you should come look at their different ceremony spaces. They will help make sure you have the most magical wedding day possible. It will be a night you will never forget and one that your guests will look back on lovingly. Do not wait, come check out the spaces before your date is already booked!