Wine Bar in the Westlake Village Area

People tend to think of wine and think of California they think of Northern California and Napa and the wineries up there. What people do not know is there are some amazing wine bars down in Southern California as well. The Stonehaus are a great café located in Westlake Village, that has some great wines for you to try. They have some wines that they make right at their own winery that you can tour, but they also bring in wines from all over as well to give some great variety to their guests.  They know that wine lovers love to try different types of wine and they do not want to deny anyone of that.


You can find yourself at this great Westlake Village wine bar. This is the place to go in Westlake Village if you are looking for wine. They offer wine flights and wine tasting to give you that full Northern California experience down south. They have white wines, they have champagnes, they have red wines, and they have roses. You will be pleasingly surprised by the options and the variety. You will want to keep coming back. 

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